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How the Animal Kingdom Sleeps & How Animals See the World – Animalism

Sleep is universal in the animal kingdom, but each species slumbers in a different — and often mysterious — way. Some animals snooze with half their brain, while others only sleep for two hours a day (without even suf...

Octopus, elephant, & human arm robot assistants from Festo

Inspired by an octopus tentacle, this OctopusGripper bionic arm can grab and hold a variety of round objects, both taking and passing it back to a human counterpart. It was designed and built by Festo's Bionic Learnin...

Plastic Injection Molding

Bill [Hammack] details the key engineering principles underlying plastic injection molding. He describes its history and then reveals the intricate details of the process. He shows viewers where to found, on any injec...

LEGO Adventure in the City: A brick-animated short story

Once upon a time, a snake went to the zoo and then returned to his home. Suddenly, there was an attack from The Grey and the zoo's dinosaur gets out! Can the snake help the city?! This stop motion animated short st...

Elephant Intelligence – Wild Inside the National Zoo

Caretakers at the Smithsonian's National Zoo know from experience that Asian elephants are intelligent creatures, but they wanted to help officially document the problem-solving skills of the planet's largest land mam...

An elephant finds her own fruit in the jungle

Walk with elephant Arun Rai to find out what elephants find and eat in the jungle when they're on their own. Elephant Nature Park founder Sangduen "Lek" Chailert narrates the walk at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Elephant calf river rescue

When a six month old elephant calf gets pulled away in the strong current of Kenya's rain-swollen Ewaso Ng'iro river, its family has to quickly take action. Watch this amazing river rescue, filmed by tourist Sandy Gel...

Making paper from elephant dung: Poo Paper

Elephant dung is ideal for making paper, and Indonesia's Taman Safari Park is demonstrating this fact by upcycling a daily total of 2.5 tons – yes, that's 2.5 tons of Sumatran Elephant dung every day – t...

Le Carnaval des Animaux by Camille Saint-Saëns

A few years ago, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France joined up with an entire book of animated creatures to perform the classic Le Carnaval des Animaux (The Carnival of the Animals) b...

Science Friday: The Other Golden Rule

Physiology, gravity, and fluid dynamics all come together in The Other Golden Rule from Science Friday. Learn how videos, data, equations, and fieldwork with creatures great and small helped re...

Durian, the world’s smelliest fruit

This is Durian, the world’s smelliest fruit, as introduced by Thomas Fuller in The New York Times: ...when ripe it can smell like a dead animal. Yes, the fruit is difficult to handle, bearing likeness to a me...

The Elephant Shrew – Songs for Unusual Creatures

From Michael Hearst and PBS Digital Studios, enjoy Songs for Unusual Creatures: The Elephant Shrew. Please note, however, that the elephant shrew is not related to an elephant. From Wikipedia: In the archives: more...

That’s about the size, a classic animation from Sesame Street

Classic Sesame Street time: That’s about the size.

Zoo (1961) by Bert Haanstra

Zoo (1961), filmed at Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam by Dutch documentary film maker Bert Haanstra. But whom are we really watching here? More excellent Haanstra: Glas. Updated video link.

Feeling, not seeing, an elephant: what might you imagine?

If you couldn’t see an animal, and only learned what they look like by touch, sound, and a verbal description, what might you imagine? In this clip from the BBC’s Zookeepers, Donna, who has been blind sin...

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Kinango’s Story

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is a small charity that works for the conservation of elephants . The Trust specializes in taking care of the babies that are orphaned through poaching.  This is the story of Kin...

A daddy Asian Elephant that cuddles his calf

Who doesn’t love a dad that cuddles his kid? How about a daddy Asian Elephant that cuddles his calf? From the Melbourne Zoo, watch 1 year old Ongard enjoy some father and son time with his dad Bong Su.

Learning to be an elephant in Samburu

A bit of water and mud fun while learning to be an elephant in Samburu. From the BBC’s Planet Earth Live: baby elephants! via The Awesomer.

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