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The Engineering of the Drinking Bird

How is a drinking bird like a heat engine? In this video from Engineer Guy Bill Hammack, we can see how this famous drinking/dipping bird toy "exploits a temperature difference to convert heat energy to a pressure dif...

Tiny engines made with paper

Behold engineer Aliaksei Zholner's working V8 engine, made entirely with paper (and he notes, "some scotch tape on valves to eliminate friction"). At 32 x 24 x 27 mm, it is tiny, as is this paper throttle: Zho...

How to make simple homopolar motor ‘race cars’

Lay out a 'race track' of tinfoil, attach two round neodymium magnets to the ends of an AA battery x2 (or more) -- the polarity of the magnets matters, so experiment to see how your vehicle behaves (or doesn't) -- the...

Jetman Yves Rossy flies over Dubai – Young Feathers 4K

Jetman Yves Rossy has been flying a version of his jetpack, one of 15 variations on a carbon fiber wing-suit system powered by four Jet-Cat P200 jet engines, since 2007. He's flown over the Grand Canyon. In the 12...

How An Airplane Is Made – MinutePhysics

Travel to France with Minute Physics' Henry Reich for a behind-the-scenes tour of the factories, research, and design facilities of Airbus. This is how an A350 is built! There's also a cameo by Beluga, Airbus' special...

How Locomotives & Jet Engines work: Baratunde Thurston & GE

In this promotional video series from General Electric, GE Masterclass with Baratunde Thurston, we go behind the scenes of GE's Global Research Center to explore engineering marvels, like how a freight locomotive work...

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