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Florentijn Hofman’s HippopoThames

Hippopotamuses used to live and swim in the River Thames, and thanks to HippopoThames, a floating, wooden hippo sculpture by renowned Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, that fact is becoming better known. "HippopoThames"...

The Iron Genie Harmonograph

Watch artist Anita Chowdry's Iron Genie Harmonograph create intricate, spirograph-like drawings. Made of steel, it was inspired by mid-19th century harmonographs and St. Pancras Station's Victorian engineering. The vi...

The Dragon Hedge

Retired fan maker John Brooker was bored with his plain hedge in East Rudham, Norfolk, and so he decided to shape it into something more interesting. Note to self: it takes around 10 years to sculpt a hedge into a 100...

Every Last Drop

From Nice and Serious and the scroll-worthy storytelling of Every Last Drop, this UK-made primer is excellent for reminding everyone to save water, especially those of us who live in drought-affected areas...

British Pathé: Cricket Balls (1956)

From the amazing British Pathé video archives, Cricket Balls (1956).

City workers paint letters on a London road

Recorded early in the morning by London designer Tom Williams, watch these skilled city workers paint letters on the road with only chalk marks and a straight-edge to guide them. File under:...

One Note at a Time

Simon Panrucker builds this song One Note at a Time for DIY TV.

Tiny Worlds: Cleaning London’s Streets

What happens to the litter and rubbish on London’s streets when no one’s looking? How does it all get cleaned up? The CG team at Rushes has a few ideas in their Tiny Worlds animated...

Bunny Jumping Competition

Who knew that bunny show-jumping was a thing? This 2012 Vice report from the Rabbit Grand National in Harrogate in Yorkshire, England is full of ear-flopping, high-jumping excellence.

The Singing, Ringing Tree

This is something that we’d like to see and hear in person: The Singing, Ringing Tree was designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu in 2006. It sits on a hill in Lancashire, Engla...

Experimental animation meets pottery: zoetrope bowl

Mixing pottery with zoetropes sounds like just our thing: Experimental animation meets pottery is a short film by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson, and RAMP ceramics' Roop and Alice Johnstone, commissio...

The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace

This incredible animation by Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck chronicles the story of British naturalist, anthropologist, biologist, geographer, and intrepid adventurer Alfred Russel Wallace, who was als...

Ralliers: Table tennis in London’s public spaces

Hang out in London’s public spaces where urban table tennis is growing in popularity and helping to bring people together in a spontaneous way. Kauri Multimedia and the International Tab...

The Leidenfrost Maze

The Leidenfrost Maze, designed and built by Carmen Cheng and Matthew Guy at the University of Bath, demonstrates how Leidenfrost droplets can be self-propelled in a controlled way by the jagged...

Made by the Sea

Made by the Sea, a film by Alun Callender, features potter Judith Rowe and the work she creates from clay harvested at Bulverhythe Beach in East Sussex. There’s more pottery spinning o...

Mr. Special by Maggie Rogers

Mr. Special stands in the rain in this short by Maggie Rogers, Creative Director at Fred and Eric.

The Viola Maker

In a short by Eamon Urtone, Helen Michetschläger shares how she makes a viola — a slightly larger version of a violin with a deeper, more mellow sound. File under: how instruments are made.

Ellie Davies Makes Biscuits

Artisan biscuit maker Ellie Davies is featured in this short by Two Friends. After just a glimpse of a few of her incredible illustrated gingerbread cookies, you’ll understand why. via Those Who Make.

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