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Samantha Bryan’s handmade fairies & flying contraptions

In a world influenced by Victorian-styled flying contraptions and gadgetry, these little handmade fairies appear to have adventures worthy of a stop motion film. Mixed media sculptor Samantha Bryan of West Yorkshire, ...

Eyebombing in Madrid

Have you ever seen the makings of a face on an inanimate object? Did you have any googly eyes handy at the time? As we’ve featured before, “eyebombing" or "vandaleyes-ing" is when...

The art of Eyebombing in Copenhagan

BBC News explores the art of “eyebombing” in Copenhagen with eyebombing.com founders Kim Nielsen and Peter Dam. In the archives: Andy Knowlton’s drunken poets and more street ...

The Secret Story of Toys

The Secret Story of Toys, a short film by Anthony Ladesich. Related viewing: Ray Villafane, action-figure character sculptor, and more toy videos.

Ray Villafane turns pumpkins into artfully carved Jack-o’-lanterns

Ray Villafane's day job is as a action-figure character sculptor, but every Halloween brings out a completely new side of his sculpting work. This video from The Wall Street Journal show’...

Friends With You – Cloudy

Cloudy is a happy animated short by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of Friends With You. Welcome to the clouds!  From IAmOther: This animated short is an exploration into the clouds; a sweet, vi...

L’homme 100 têtes

L'homme 100 têtes by JUL & MAT, from 2008.