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Baby Hippo Makes a Splash at the San Diego Zoo

Funani, an experienced hippopotamus mother, birthed her 11th calf at the San Diego Zoo on March 23rd at 6:30 a.m. Though zoo officials do not know yet if it's a boy or a girl, they've announced that both the brand new...

Lemon bars with olive oil and sea salt

Savory, tart, bitter, and sweet from The New York Times: Melissa Clark demonstrates how to make lemon bars with a sophisticated twist by adding olive oil and flaky sea salt. She writes: My mother wasn’t a baker, b...

Alaskan Kayaking Adventure: New Lives in the Wild

Paddle out to a glacier with locals Bretwood Higman and Erin McKittrick to witness Alaska's majesty by kayak in this clip from Ben Fogle's New Lives In The Wild, a BBC show about people who have chosen to move to more...

My Mum is an Airplane

Oh, the adventures that you'll have flying through the sky — across all kinds of cities, through storms, over mountains, delivering mail and dropping off skiers — all of those things can happen when your m...

A bagpipes & saw waltz: A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria

António Ribeiro & Rui Ribeiro perform Valsa de nome desconhecido on bagpipes and a musical saw. Their outdoors performance was filmed as a part of A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria, a project documenting and c...

Cookie-tin Banjo

Cookie-tin Banjo by Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers. Illustrations by Nicholas Stevenson.

Father and Daughter by Michaël Dudok De Wit

Michaël Dudok De Wit’s Academy Award-winning short film about the strength of love and longing, despite the passage of time: Father and Daughter (2000).

Every Happy Thing: How to make Totoro Steamed Buns

How to make Totoro Steamed Buns using a frying pan by YouTuber Hockie at Every Happy Thing. Even if you're not going to make them, the video is fascinating and detail-filled. Also: Totoro, which we highly recommen...

Watch 11-year-old rock climbing prodigy Brooke Raboutou climb

It's no wonder that 11-year-old Brooke Raboutou loves to rock climb: Her parents are two former world champion climbers who own a rock climbing gym in Boulder, Colorado, and from very young, climbing has been a huge p...

Every Happy Thing: How to make macarons with cute faces

Let's travel to a kitchen in Tokyo, Japan to learn how to make ridiculously adorable macarons with YouTuber and mom Hockie of Every Happy Thing. Yum! (*´ڡ`* )

Elephant calf river rescue

When a six month old elephant calf gets pulled away in the strong current of Kenya's rain-swollen Ewaso Ng'iro river, its family has to quickly take action. Watch this amazing river rescue, filmed by tourist Sandy Gel...

OliveUs: How to Make Shadow Puppets

Siblings Betty, Ralph, Maude, Olive, and Oscar put together a few easy-to-make Shadow Puppets (as June watches) in this charming 2013 short by Olive Us and Tiger in a Jar. 

Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek meets a family of mountain gorillas

Join Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek as she treks into northwest Rwanda to meet a family of critically endangered mountain gorillas for the first time. This was filmed for the BBC nature documentary se...

Who grows the cocoa in your chocolate bar?

Creative studio Nice and Serious collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance and Adrien Koffi Kouadio, “a cocoa farmer, family man, a community leader and football lover” in the vil...

A baby otter gets a swimming lesson from its mother

Baby river otters don’t know how to swim when they’re born! In this April 2013 video from the Oregon Zoo, meet Molalla the Baby River Otter and his mother Tilly as she gives him a ...

Jim Henson: Run, Run (1965)

Travel back to 1965 in Run, Run, a short autumn-filled film by Jim Henson in which his daughters Lisa and Cheryl run freely through the woods near their home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Celebrating Crystallography: An adventure in structural analysis

One of the great innovations of the twentieth century is likely not well-known, but this video from the Ri Channel is looking to change that: This is X-ray crystallography.  Discovered in 1913 by William and Lawren...

Le retour by Natalia Chernysheva

Le retour by Natalia Chernysheva.

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