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Jule Waibel’s 25 dresses for 25 cities

The geometry of folding meets fashion in this video for German designer Jule Waibel and her collection of 25 paper dresses. Folded from huge sheets of colorfully designed paper, they were dis...

NPR’s Planet Money: What does it take to make a t-shirt?

What does it take to make a t-shirt? We’ve watched a video about this subject before, but NPR’s Planet Money answered this question in the most amazing way: they traveled across...

Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum: An Animated History of the Tulip

An Animated History of the Tulip, created for The Tulip Museum in Amsterdam. Watch more videos in the Netherlands.  via Laughing Squid.

16mm Kodachrome film of New York City from 1939

File under the 1930s, 16mm Kodachrome film from 1939 in New York City by French tourist Jean Vivier. 

Maarten Koopman: Under My Hat

A clip of filmmaker Maarten Koopman’s Under My Hat.

Incredible color footage of London in 1927

Watch this incredible color footage of London in 1927. Filmed by Claude Frisse-Greene, a British filmmaker who was the son of inventor and cinematography pioneer William Friese-Greene, it sho...

Freeez – I.O.U.

"I.O.U.” by British dance music group Freeez is a) great for remembering vowels, b) a video time capsule of what was what in 1983, c) sung often in our house or d) all of the above. Bonus: some seri...

The First Cycle for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk

Made for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk by animator Niels Hoebers, this video was featured at Akkersdijk’s show at fashion week in Paris as “ a visualisation of a creative prod...

DVF: The Bearable Lightness of Packing

The Bearable Lightness of Packing: this ad-spirational animation for Diane von Furstenberg, by freelance motion designer Luis Aguirre, makes me want to pack up and travel somewhere immediately! ...