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Testing Fireworks

How do you know that the fireworks you've made are going to burst in the sky as expected? Test them! In this episode of I Didn't Know That, visit one of the UK's leading fireworks manufacturers as they test the compon...

The Goat Brigade: Preventing Wildfires in Southern California

Goats have an insatiable appetite. Elite goats have an insatiable appetite and are independent, hearty, and trained to clear brush across California's hillsides. Science Friday joins Ian Newsam, owner of Brush Goats 4...

The Fire Lab and the Mysterious Science of Fire

How does fire spread? How do different forest materials fuel it? How can firefighters better understand its behavior in order to control it? Why is the physics of fire so counter-intuitive and mysterious to us? At Th...

Flying over Yasur Volcano as it erupts

Fly over Tanna Island, Vanuatu's Yasur Volcano as it erupts! This fiery and incredibly close eruption footage was shot by Shaun O’Callaghan with a DJI Phantom quad-copter (that luckily di...

Match burning in slow motion

What’s happening when a match is lit? From Answers.com:  Matches contain sulfur, glass powder, and an oxidizing agent as the components in the match head. When you strike a match, the ...

The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace

This incredible animation by Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck chronicles the story of British naturalist, anthropologist, biologist, geographer, and intrepid adventurer Alfred Russel Wallace, who was als...

Firefighter Xochitl Hernandez – Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

From Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls YouTube series: meet firefighter Xochitl Hernandez, one of 57 female firefighters in Austin Fire Department. Hernandez explains why she loves her job, and shares some of the amazin...

Stick Twist Bread

Toast the bread over hot coals rather than high flames, so that the heat is able to reach the center of the dough before the outside burns; rotate the stick often to ensure even cooking. The bread will be done when ...

How do you turn rubbish into energy?

BBC News: How do you turn rubbish into energy? Find out how the largest energy recovery facility in Oslo, Norway processes waste and converts it into approximately half of the city’s energy. The integrated waste...

National Film Board of Canada: How Do They Recycle Steel? (1999)

Directed by Tina Keeper and presented by the National Film Board of Canada, How Do They Recycle Steel? (1999) has everything: conveyor belts, crackling sounds, massive machines in a massive factory, sparks, smoke, fi...

HeadSqueeze: Why Do Hot Things Glow?

Why Do Hot Things Glow? HeadSqueeze's Greg Foot answers the question with a bit of animated help. There are more atoms and a diverse set of vibration videos in the archives.  Thanks, John Oxton-King.

Smokey and The Little Boy (1960)

Via the AV Geeks collection, ERA Productions’ Smokey and The Little Boy (1960), an animated primer on what causes forest fires and how to prevent them.

How pizza is made

Flour, water, salt, oil and yeast + lots of dough tossing practice, some sauce, toppings, a wood burning oven… Did we mention the dough tossing practice?  Related viewing: tossing pizza dough instructions:

How It’s Made: Sparklers!

How It’s Made: Sparklers! Updated link.

Periodic Table of Videos: Liquid Oxygen (slow motion)

From the Periodic Table of Videos team, hot charcoal meets Liquid Oxygen (slow motion). via Doobybrain.

Picking up NASA’s 2,200 degree thermal tiles with bare hands

Recorded on a Kennedy Space Center tour before the launch of the last Space Shuttle mission (Atlantis), watch tour attendees pick up NASA’s 2,200 degree thermal tiles — specially designed, coated LI-900 c...

World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition Tong Making Class

Watch what it takes to make a pair of hot fitting tongs — used in horseshoeing — in the limit of 45 minutes at the 2011 World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition. via Vir...

How It’s Made: Pliers

Pliers! A How It’s Made minisode from the Science Channel.  There are, by the way, a crazy amount of videos about how things are made in the archives.

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