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Going Fishing, a stop motion animation by Guldies

Small campfires that light with a snap. A tree that's chopped down with a tiny axe. Claymation well water that creates a small lake. A fish trinket that's cooked up for dinner. Going Fishing is a short stop-motion fil...

Flying Fish, hunted underwater and in the air

Flying fish can make powerful, self-propelled leaps out of water into air, where their long, wing-like fins enable gliding flight for considerable distances. It appears these Flying Fish are in a no win situation, pic...

How Do Pelicans Survive Their Death-Defying Dives?

Unlike American White Pelicans, who scoop up fish at the water's surface, California’s brown pelicans rocket down from the sky, plunging toward the ocean from as high as 65 feet. This episode of Deep Look explains how...

How to wait for a very long time

"How to wait for a very long time is a short film about a fisherman who is obsessed with catching a certain fish. His whole life he tries to make a big haul, but just catches other fishes instead. Over time he gets fr...

The Secret World of Foley

Foley is a fascinating process of using everyday things, and sometimes totally random things, to make sounds that fit with images being shown on screen. From Wikipedia: The best Foley art is so well integrated int...

An osprey fishing in spectacular super slow motion

Diving down -- practically crashing -- a young osprey hits the water, aiming for and grabbing a trout. But that's just the first part of this hunt. Watch as the osprey tries to take off out of the water with the massi...

Ma’agalim, Jane Bordeaux, & journeys inside an old penny arcade

"In a forgotten old penny arcade a wooden doll is stuck in place and time." This is Ma'agalim (Circles), a beautifully animated music video by Tel Aviv-based band Jane Bordeaux and director Uri Lotan.

What’s on the inside of a fishing reel?

Visually pull apart the inner components of a fishing reel, and you'll see 141 precise and sometimes tiny parts that work together to help the tool cast and catch. See what kind of engineering and craftsmanship goes i...

How to make a DIY ‘drone’ with balloons & a fishing rod

How do you get a bird's eye view of the surrounding landscape when you don't have an quadcopter or drone? In this episode of Earth Unplugged, Sam Hume cobbles together his own 'drone' for less then £50 (around $76). S...

Watch the “Salvation Fish” Transform From Animal to Candle

In the waterways of northwestern British Columbia, the small eulachon, also known as smelt, candlefish, and halimotkw or Salvation Fish, has had a long history of importance to the area's indigenous people. Thanks to ...

Alla Kinda: Manolito’s Dream

From Barcelona animation studio Alla Kinda, journey into a subconscious world of hungry wolves and turnip-headed aliens in Manolito's Dream.

Spiders that hunt and eat fish

Angling from the water's surface, the six-spotted fishing spider hunts and eats fish, tadpoles, and other invertebrates. It can even dive 18 cm (7.1 in) down into the water to complete the job. It is one of eight fami...

The Kingfisher hunts for fish on the River Shannon

From PBS’ Ireland’s Wild River, this is how the vibrantly-colored, diving Kingfisher hunts for fish on the River Shannon.

A green heron catches fish with some bread

This clever bird keeps throwing bread into the water, retrieving it, and then putting it back out in the water again… just a bit closer every time. Guess why and then watch Watch more...

Fishing under ice in Lake Saarijärvi, Finland

If you haven’t yet seen this “fishing under ice” video from Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland, watch it and see if you and your kiddos can catch exactly what’s going on before the ...

Fish (and bird) life in the Maldives

Fish (and bird) life in the Maldives. You may have to watch this one a few times to catch the action.

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