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What Can You Actually Do About Climate Change?

The average carbon footprint of a person in the US is 16.5 tons –TONS. So, what can you actually do decrease this number and make a meaningful difference? Miriam Nielsen itemizes how our individual choices can hav...

Can you power your home with a bicycle?

Could you power your house with the energy that's created from pedaling a bicycle? First, let's find out how much energy a house uses and how much energy one bicycling person can store in a battery. Skunk Bear's A...

Can you solve the airplane riddle?

Professor Fukanō, the famous scientist, has embarked on a new challenge – piloting around the world in a plane of his own design. There’s just one problem: there's not enough fuel to complete the journey. Luckily, the...

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Follow four astronauts on a six month journey from Earth to Mars, and see how Newton’s Three Laws of Motion -- 'Newton' referring to English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton -- can help us understand and p...

Rocket stage separation footage captured in space

A first from UP Aerospace on November 6, 2015 – perfectly timed footage of the Maraia Earth Return Capsule's booster separation, captured 75 miles (120 km) above Earth by one of the four cameras attached to the multis...

The Chemistry of Rockets: How do rockets work?

How are controlled explosions made just right so that they'll generate the kind of thrust that sends a rocket up, up, up and beyond our atmosphere? Analytical Chemist Raychelle Burks, Ph.D., explains how solid and...

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