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Hang Glide Over Yosemite National Park in 360 Degrees

See Yosemite National Park the same way a Peregrine falcon might: Soar over it with incredible 360 degree views. In this Nature on PBS video, a hang glider launches off a sheer rock cliff, flies next to a waterfall, a...

Flying Dragons Of The Jungle

How does a Draco lizard find a good tree for eating ants and termites when there's already a territorial Draco lizard in the trees that he's finding? He can either fight the resident owner or he can escape to another ...

Preparing Pilcher’s Hawk to fly again

According to Wikipedia, The Hawk was the fourth flying machine that British inventor Percy Pilcher built in the 1890s. Following Bat, Beetle, and Gull hang gliders, Pilcher's Hawk broke the world distance record in 18...

“Flying” spiders that can glide through the air from tree to tree

Flying? Falling? Gliding with control! The arboreal Selenops spider can steer itself with a fair amount of accuracy as it "flies" through the air, as demonstrated in the drop tests above. The large, flat spiders (nick...

Windrider RC Boeing 737-700 in the winds of Hong Kong

The test flight of a Windrider RC Boeing 737-700 in the winds of Hong Kong. Related watching: more flying toys.

Make an Air Surfing Foam Walkalong Glider – Science Toy Maker

It’s said that there’s nothing new under the sun, but the first time I saw someone levitating a glider, I couldn’t believe it… Ten years later I was building and flying walkalon...

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