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How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

In this Vox video from Joss Fong and Dion Lee, we get a look at the technological changes that have influenced how the BBC creates their world-renowned nature documentaries. Compare the groundbreaking access of the ve...

A levitating top in a foggy soap bubble

A spinning Levitron Cherrywood top, thanks to repelling magnetic force in the base and the top's gyroscopic stability, hovers over a soap bubble full of glycerin fog, all within a larger bubble that is also filled wit...

Andy Ruina’s 22-pound, four-legged bi-ped robot named Ranger

After a friend tweeted about a research page full of passive motion robotics videos by Andy Ruina, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Cornell and of bicycle physics paper fame (...

The gyroscope

It’s true: the narration sounds a bit like a 1960s instructional video. But! Look! It’s a gyroscope! They’re so fascinating that they give this video a lot of force and momentum. How do we use gyrosc...

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