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A tiny baby chameleon hatches from an egg

Have you ever seen a baby chameleon hatch from its egg? We've seen all sorts of babies, but we'd yet to see a chameleon hatch. Then we happened upon this 2008 video by YouTuber rmh355, via PBS Digital Studios' Tumblr,...

How To Draw Your Hand In 3D

Here’s a fun, quick trick: How To Draw Your Hand In “3D”. What other things around the house or outside can you use this technique with?

Boy gets prosthetic hand made by 3-D printer

"When I outgrow a hand, we can easily make a new one," explains 12-year-old Leon McCarthy of his "cyborg" hand. His path into this specialized technology began when his father Paul found a video of 5-year-old Liam Dip...

The world’s most advanced prosthetic limb

A father who lost his arm in an accident six years ago has been given a new lease of life by a hi-tech bionic hand which is so precise he can type again. Nigel Ackland, 53, has been fitted with the Terminator-like c...

The Helping Hand: Daniel’s custom-made, prosthetic arm

The Helping Hand is a story about Daniel, who is super into dinosaurs, how things are made, and just running around goofing off. is currently showcasing Daniel’s story, by filmmakers Z. Murphy & ...

How to: Fingerspelling in American Sign Language

A no fuss video illustration for learning how to fingerspell in American Sign Language.

Melting metal in your hand: Gallium

Above, part 1. And here’s part 2, where you’ll catch more action: This is Gallium, an element with the symbol Ga and the atomic number 31. It’s a silvery metallic metal th...