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Three performances with A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria

Fernando Augusto Sousa Ferreira gives an outdoor performance of Marcha on a harmonica, a snare drum, and a hi-hat. The one-man mini-concert was filmed as a part of A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria (MPAGDP) , ...

Learn how to play the blues on the harmonica

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything to explain a lot. Go grab a harmonica and learn how to play the blues with Rebecca J. Wenger. There’s more blues music in the archives. ...

Shanthi, the National Zoo’s Musical Elephant, Plays the Harmonica

When the elephant keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo hear the sound of a harmonica, it’s not the radio they’ve left on. Instead, it’s the Zoo’s 36-year-old Asian elephant, Shanth...

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