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The scientist that grows ‘identical twin snowflakes’

Snow crystals form when humid air is cooled to the point that molecules of water vapor start sticking to each other. In the clouds, crystals usually start forming around a tiny microscopic dust particle, but if the wa...

Building a hexagon-shaped treehouse, a time lapse

From jack-of-all-trades Ethan Schlussler, who began building hexagon-shaped treehouses -- his own design -- because he wanted to have a space of his own outside of his mother’s house, watch this time lapse video of hi...

Balablok (1972) – Bretislav Pojar’s animated parody of human nature

Director, animator, and puppeteer Bretislav Pojar explores human fallibility though simple paper cutout shapes in Balablok (1972). A masterful piece of wordless storytelling, the stop motion short film won the Cannes ...

Storm Chasing on Saturn: The hexagon-shaped hurricane

Hexagon-shaped storms exist. There is a massive, persistent, hexagon-shaped jet stream on Saturn’s north pole -- "the perfect six-sided hurricane, 60 miles deep, that could swallow four Earths..." The New York Tim...

Why do honeybees love hexagons?

What is it about the six-sided hexagon that makes it such a perfect shape for storing honey? It's an efficient design! Just ask a bee, one of nature’s finest mathematicians, or watch this TED Ed by Zack Patterson and ...

How chicken wire is made

Find out how they make chicken wire and get hypnotized at the same time! Chicken wire, also known as poultry netting and hexagonal netting, is a woven wire mesh. The video shows how chicke...

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