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The SUSTAIN Lab’s Hurricane in a Box

Brian Haus watches as the still air stirs into over 150 mph winds. The flat turquoise water suddenly churns a series of endless crashing waves of white frothy foam. Thankfully, Haus does not have to actually weather t...

NASA simulates how dust, smoke, and sea salt have traveled the planet

Watch as sea salt, dust, and smoke—aerosol particles traveling on the winds—have moved across our planet in 2017. This animated simulation, "based on both satellite observations and computer models that use physical e...

Engines of Destruction: The Science of Hurricanes

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katrina, Maria, Sandy. Hurricanes have been major news stories in 2005 and 2012, and continue to be in 2017, starting in August when Harvey crossed the Caribbean and made landfall in Texas. What ca...

Think Like a Tree – Problem solving with nature’s best ideas

Biomimicry -- imitating nature's best ideas in our design of materials, structures, and systems -- can provide huge leaps in our understanding when it comes to solving challenges. Example: How do we keep our buildings...

Weather vs. Climate + Severe Weather – Crash Course Kids

Weather vs. climate... are they the same thing? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina Cruz explains the differences: Weather refers to the day to day conditions of where you are on the planet. Climate refers t...

Soap bubble turbulence: Rainbows spin on the surface of a bubble

The soap film is a half-bubble of about 7 cm diameter on the top of a plastic glass. The system is illuminated by light diffusing from the bottom of the glass. The camera is placed on one side of the bubble ...

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