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Volcano Bread

A loaf cake will bake at a temperature of 177C (350F) for around 45-60 minutes... you can microwave one in a mug at full power for just 2 minutes... and if you have a 100C (212F) hot spring, like they do in Laugarvatn...

Apotheosis – Northern Lights over Icelandic landscapes

From filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, this is Apotheosis, a Northern Lights time lapse film featuring the landscapes of Iceland. Available in 4k, watch full screen. Via The Creator's Project: In 2015, the Earth is in ...

Painting a Siggi Eggertsson mural for the Iceland Design Centre

In 2012, sign and mural painters Skiltamálun Reykjavíkur teamed up with visual artist Siggi Eggertsson to paint a mural for the Iceland Design Centre in Reykjavik. Watch as these culture-filled stamps come together in...

Eruption at Iceland’s Bardabunga Volcano

When you send two quadcopters with cameras seriously close to a caldera full of exploding lava, something might melt! In this behind-the-scenes promo by drone maker DJI, director Eric Cheng, photographer Ragnar Th. Si...

Onward: Searching for Life in Iceland’s Frigid Fissures

In Onward: Searching for Life in Iceland’s Frigid Fissures, National Geographic grantee and biology researcher Jónína Ólafsdóttir goes diving in search of tiny arthropods in the underwater volcanic fissures of ...

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