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Casdoce (カスドース), a confection made for lords & emperors

Traditional castella sponge cakes, introduced to Japan by Portuguese merchants circa 1550, are cut precisely into bite-sized pieces before they're soaked in bright yellow egg yolks and boiled in a sugar water syrup. T...

Traditional sword making from scratch

Witness the reproduction of the 25th king of the Korean Joseon Dynasty's sword being made from scratch, starting with the building of a brick and clay forge for smelting the powdered iron mixed with sand. The smelting...

Mother (어머니) – Studio Kokorosh

From Studio Kokorosh, a third year team from Ontario's Sheridan College Animation program, this is Mother (어머니), an award-winning short about feeling overwhelmed by our emotions, being aware of how we can help othe...

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