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Hydrodynamic Levitation

Light balls, disks, and cylinders will levitate on a stream of water in a surprisingly off-center way. In this episode of Veritasium, Derek Muller teams up with Blake from InnoVinci, with some help from aerospace engi...

Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

On a visit to Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles-based team working to create a near-vacuum tube-based transportation system, Veratasium's Derek Muller got to check out this Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter demo. In th...

A levitating top in a foggy soap bubble

A spinning Levitron Cherrywood top, thanks to repelling magnetic force in the base and the top's gyroscopic stability, hovers over a soap bubble full of glycerin fog, all within a larger bubble that is also filled wit...

To the Scientists of the Future: Materials science with EUPHRATES

Created by EUPHRATES and Masahiko Sato for Japan's National Institute for Material Science (NIMS), these three "To the Scientists of the Future" short films are a mesmerizing combination of materials research innovati...

Levitating Superconductor on a Möbius strip

Because Möbius strips and superconductivity are two awesome things that really must be combined, please watch this Levitating Superconductor on a Möbius strip video from the fabulous Ri Channel team.

Argonne National Laboratory: Acoustic levitation

From Argonne Labs comes this intriguing video demonstrating the acoustic levitation of liquids on a piece of equipment developed for NASA to simulate microgravity conditions. “The acoustic ...

MIT Media Lab: ZeroN

ZeroN, a project by Jinha Lee, Rehmi Post, and Hiroshi Ishii at MIT’s Media Lab:  What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air? ZeroN is a physical and digital inte...

Levitating frogs using magnetic fields

Flying Frogs! Sort of… The short answer is that living things — even humans — can levitate when a ridiculously strong/large magnet is used to repel the frog’s atoms’...

Quantum Levitation: A mind-blowing demonstration

Quantum levitation. “Superconductivity locked in space,” a phenomenon known as quantum trapping. You can see more details in this video. Mind. Blown. Related watching: superconductors. Via BoingBoin...

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