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Sounding Shetland’s recently restored Sumburgh Head Foghorn

See what it takes to sound the foghorn at Sumburgh Lighthouse on Shetland Island in Scotland. In the video above, lighthouse engineer Brian Johnson starts up the three Diesel Kelvin engines, powering the compressors t...

Keeping the Flame Alight with the Last of the Lampists

Jim Woodward is a lampist. A what, you ask? A lampist's main job is to keep the enormous, delicate glass lenses of lighthouse lights in tip-top shape so that ships at sea stay safe. But over the years, glass lenses ha...

A blue moon rises over Cape Byron Lighthouse in 1,038 images

Just a few miles away from Cape Byron Lighthouse, overlooking Byron Bay in Australia, self-taught nature and landscape photographer Luke Taylor stood on the beach and took 1,038 images of the July 31, 2015 blue moon. ...

Changing shifts at le Phare de Kéréon

How do lighthouse keepers switch shifts when the lighthouse isn't connected to the mainland? We've seen how the tumultuous sea can almost overtake lighthouses during a storm, but the sea can be challenging even in mor...

The Lighthouse of La Jument

In 1989, in the midst of a raging storm off the Brittany coast, photographer Jean Guichard circled above the French lighthouse of la Jument (Le Phare de La Jument) in a helicopter, camera in hand to capture the tempes...

Life as a lighthouse keeper – They Are The Last

34 degrees 24 minutes 19 seconds South,
 53 degrees, 46 minutes 40 seconds West. Leonardo Da Costa is a lighthouse keeper stationed in Cabo Polonio, a remote cape in a stretch of Uruguayan...

From Jacques Perrin’s Oceans: French frigate Latouche-Treville

Featuring the incredible power of nature, this intense clip from Oceans, a French documentary film by Jacques Perrin (released in the US by Disneynature), shows dramatic footage of several kinds of ships (and a light...

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