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The Red Thread (Akai Ito): A single line tells a story

Activities and adventures, pulling apart, coming together, the joys of childhood: In Kazuhiko Okushita's Red Thread (2010), an animated line stretches and curls from scene to scene, visualizing moments of youth, growi...

NPR: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

Here’s a fascinating science experiment that we’ll be trying this weekend:  Put a blindfold on someone, take them to a park or a beach or a meadow and ask them to walk for as long as they can in a strai...

Caterpillar Caravan

This caterpillar caravan is made of hundreds of pine processionary caterpillars (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) marching in a long nose-to-tail processional train when they’re ready to pupate. ...

Sesame Street and Philip Glass: Geometry of Circles (1979)

From 1979: a collaboration between Sesame Street and Philip Glass entitled, Geometry of Circles. You can find more background on  Thanks, Jason.