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Journey of a Letter: How a birthday card is sent and delivered in London

How does a letter find its way from where it's written to the mailbox on the corner, to the post office, and out to the person it's being sent to? London's new Postal Museum shares this journey through the Royal Mail ...

How zip codes helped organize America

The 'zip' in zip code stands for The Zone Improvement Plan, an address code system that was invented in 1963 to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) deliver the increasing amount of mail being sent around the ...

Fundamentals of Neuroscience Presents: Small Circuits

Small Circuits! This is one of the many wonderfully-presented lessons from Harvard's Fundamentals of Neuroscience free and open online course (or MOOC). While the video's terminology can be technical at times, the sim...

My Mum is an Airplane

Oh, the adventures that you'll have flying through the sky — across all kinds of cities, through storms, over mountains, delivering mail and dropping off skiers — all of those things can happen when your m...

United States Postal Service: Systems at Work

In an incredible display of high-tech machinery, USPS: Systems at Work takes us step-by-step through their assembly lines, from the Advanced Facer-Canceller System (AFCS) — capable of processing 30,000 pieces of mail ...

From A to B – A package’s journey through the postal system

This hidden camera adventure through the postal system, From A to B, began when Ruben van der Vleuten wanted to know, ”What happens when you send something by mail?” So instea...

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