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Swim With Manta Rays, the Ocean’s Peaceful Giants

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Andrea Marshall wanted to be a marine biologist. Now, she’s living out her dream with one of the ocean’s most amazing creatures. That is, Marshall studies and helps protect giant m...

When Your Job Is Saving The Ocean | How She Works

On her dive days as a marine biologist for The Bay Foundation, Ariadne Reynolds is usually scuba diving in the Santa Monica Bay for three 1-1.5 hour stretches as she observes urchins and kelp growth, and measures ever...

Discovered! A “glowing” biofluorescent hawksbill sea turtle

You're on a night dive in the Solomon Islands to film biofluorescence in small sharks and corals. Your underwater camera system includes a blue light and a yellow filter that blocks out blue light, allowing you to see...

Orca Rescue in 4K: The conservation efforts of Dr. Ingrid Visser

Follow marine biologist Dr. Ingrid Visser and the wild orca that she researches and advocates for in this episode of HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K resolution: Orca Rescue in 4K. Filmed on location in New Zeal...

Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of vibrantly-colored coral camouflage

The vibrant colors of thumbnail-sized Pygmy Seahorses have always been aligned with the brilliant oranges or purples of the Gorgonian sea fan corals that they're found camouflaged with, but until biologists at San Fra...

The Secret Life of Plankton

We really love this video, The Secret Life of Plankton, from TEDEd. Marine biologist and science educator Tierney Thys and a team of scientists and film makers (Noé Sardet and Sharif Mirshak from Parafilms in Mont...

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