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The Case For Eating Bugs

Ants on a log, sautéed grasshopper tacos, scorpion curry, larva lollipops. Eating insects (and arachnids) is called entomophagy and it's practiced by two billion people around the globe, "including North, Central, and...

Making homemade coconut oil from 100 coconuts

A retired building painter and a skilled cook in the district of Tiruppur, India, P Arumugam prepares authentic South Indian dishes in small and large quantities on YouTube's Village Food Factory channel. The popular ...

What causes cavities?

When a team of archeologists recently came across some 15,000-year-old human remains, they made an interesting discovery: the teeth of those ancient humans were riddled with holes. So what causes cavities, and how can...

Kids Try 100 Years of Sandwiches from 1900 to 2000

If you've been unhappy with the food in your school lunchbox or are looking for a few new ideas, find some inspiration in this unusual but super delicious history lesson from Bon Appétit: Kids Try 100 Years of Sandwic...

Le Petit Chef – Projection mapping with mini dinner animations

A table of four friends has ordered dinner, and look! It's already being served... by a miniature chef? He's catching the meal from a sea that's precisely mapped onto the tablecloth. This is Le Petit Chef - Bouillabai...

How the Perfect Italian Hero Comes to Life – From Butcher to Bun

How do you make an Italian Hero sandwich? Start with fresh meat... well, first you have to make the meat. Is that mortadella, pepperoni, and soppressata? Maybe some whipped lardo with roasted garlic, maybe some mozzar...

The Meat of the Future – How Lab-Grown Meat Is Made

In 2013, Maastricht University physiologist Professor Mark Post created a lab-grown burger patty using muscle cells from a cow -- a world first, and a possible solution to the resource challenges that come with raisin...

The Electric Sausage: A static electricity demonstration

Perhaps you've experimented with static electricity by using a balloon, paper clippings, your hair, a pencil, a plastic bag, or a Van de Graaff Generator... but have you ever used a sausage to see static electricity i...

The Story of Frozen Food – Minute Earth

From Minute Earth, The Story of Frozen Food. Watch related videos tagged: cold and food. via Laughing Squid.

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