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Why do millipedes have so many legs?

From its Latin roots, the word 'millipede' translates to 'thousand feet,' but out of the 12,000 described species of millipedes, we've yet to discover one with that many. In fact, when millipedes hatch from their eggs...

Stanford’s µTug microrobots can pull a car

Watch six of Stanford's µTug (MicroTug) robots pulling an unmodified 3,900lb (1,800kg) car thanks to special directional adhesive "shoes" and "a very long, very slow, but very steady winching gate." The six microTugs ...

Millipedes, The First Land Animals – The Brain Scoop

Famous for their many legs, millipedes are arthropods that date back more than 420 million years. As detritivores, their vegetarian diet of leaf litter and other organic matter helps to keep our ecosystems in balance ...

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