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What does it take to make a t-shirt? We’ve watched a video about this subject before, but NPR’s Planet Money answered this question in the most amazing way: they traveled across the globe to document the people and processes of this task firsthand. The stories are in five chapters. Above, Chapter 1: Cotton, and below, Chapter 2: Machines

A note for younger viewers: In Chapter 3: People, which features the story of Jasmine Akhter, a garment worker in Bangladesh, there are graphic scenes of the Rana Plaza factory building collapse from 3m10s to 3m52s.

You can watch the entire piece on their information-filled site: Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt.

In the archives: more videos about money and clothing.

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How is money printed in the United States? Or more specifically, how is 453 million dollars printed in just one day? LeVar Burton visits the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington D.C. in this Reading Rainbow 2013 field trip.

There’s more LeVar and the award-winning series, on the Reading Rainbow YouTube channelAnd as always in our archives: how things are made and videos made for kids.

Charles Yang on Violin, Michael Thurber on Bass, and Eddie Barbash on Alto Saxophone… together they are The Human Jukebox, a super-viral musical video experiment by cdza. In this experiment, they use donations as votes, and then donate those donations to Wingspan Artsa non-profit that reaches out to expose diverse and young audiences of people to performing, visual, media and literary arts. An awesome video on multiple levels. 

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