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The Sea Is Blue

A young girl falls overboard during a fishing expedition and experiences a meaningful undersea adventure in this stop motion animation: The Sea Is Blue by writer and director Vincent Peone. A myth about how the ocean ...

In Bavaria, Krampus Catches the Naughty

Long before parents relied on the powers of Santa Claus to monitor their children’s behavior, their counterparts in Alpine villages called on a shaggy-furred, horned creature with a fistful of bound twigs to send the ...

A Sisyphus kinetic sculpture made with LEGO

Whether it's being powered by a hand crank or a motor, this Sisyphus LEGO kinetic sculpture by LEGO artist Jason Allemann is impressive, from the smooth movement of the figure's body to the myth-driven depictions on t...

What is a constellation? – Crash Course Kids

A constellation is a cluster of stars that create an imaginary shape... a celestial connect-the-dots. In a sky full of millions of stars, these connections between the brightest objects helps astronomers, storytellers...

Mekanikos vs. The Minotaur, a charming wooden machine

Watch as The Mighty Mekanikos tests his strength against the raging Minotaur! This epic battle draws the crowds and their money in every time, but little do spectators know that the act is not what it claims to be. ...

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