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Levitating pumpkins! Halloween superconductor science

What happens when you put a cooled superconductor, in this case, a YBa2Cu3O7 ceramic disk, into a tiny pumpkin and then place them both onto some neodymium magnets? Levitating pumpkin! In this Ri Channel video, su...

DIY Ferrocell: How to make a magnetic field viewer

By squishing a mix of mineral oil and ferrofluid between two sheets of glass, diligently squeezing out the air bubbles, sealing the edges, and then lighting it with a LED strip, Magnetic Games has created a DIY magnet...

What can you do with a large neodymium magnet?

Neodymium magnets are really strong. The larger they get, the more careful you need to be to avoid being pinched or struck from the force of their attraction. This video from Magnetic Games cautiously explores what ca...

How to make simple homopolar motor ‘race cars’

Lay out a 'race track' of tinfoil, attach two round neodymium magnets to the ends of an AA battery x2 (or more) -- the polarity of the magnets matters, so experiment to see how your vehicle behaves (or doesn't) -- the...

This mini origami robot self-folds, performs tasks, & can be dissolved

Researchers from MIT and TU Munich have debuted an insect-like, miniature, self-assembling origami robot at ICRA 2015. The tiny bot is 1.7cm by 1.7cm and is made of a neodymium magnet, PVC, and polystyrene or paper. W...

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