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Hemiscyllium halmahera, a newly-found species of bamboo shark or longtail carpet shark, has a rather unusual way of getting around — perhaps not unusual for land animals like us, but definitely unusual for a shark: it walks.

Pectoral and pelvic fins are moving this 28 inch (70 cm) marine animal across the underwater terrain (in this case, coral) off the coast of Ternate, one of the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. They were recently discovered by a team lead by Dr Gerald Allen, a research associate at the Western Australian Museum.

The waters near Indonesia have some fascinating things going on. Have you seen the mimic octopus, the ribbon fish, or the sea’s strangest square mile

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There’s a new baby rhino at the Bronx ZooIndian one-horned rhinos Penny and Sanjay are new parents to a frisky female baby, the 13th rhino born at the Bronx Zoo since 1986. She weighs 120 pounds but she could grow to weigh more than 4,000 pounds — that’s about the weight of an average U.S. car

From the Bronx Zoo

Indian rhinos are native to the grasslands and swampy areas of northern India and southern Nepal. Fewer than 3,000 are estimated to remain in the wild, with nearly 70 percent of the population living in Kaziranga National Park in India. They are generally solitary animals except when mating or when females have young offspring.

Indian rhinos are designated as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and as “endangered” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Exhibit times sound like they may be reduced a bit to acclimate her to the zoo, but if you’re in the New York tri-state area, you can see the baby from the zoo’s Wild Asia Monorail.

What does a baby rhino sound like? Listen to this baby rhino in South Africa.

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The plant with the largest inflorescence (cluster of flowers on a stem) also happens to be one of the stinkiest. Meet the rare titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum), otherwise known as the corpse flower, which can be smelled from miles away to attract insects like dung beetles and fliesThe American Chemical Society’s Bytesize Science series made a video to explain the chemistry of the corpse flower’s stink.

This plant giant has been the news because one just opened for three days in Washington DC at the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory, having last bloomed in 2007. It was eight feet tall. Watch a time lapse of it opening:

Well-preserved, thanks to just the right combination of conditions over 72 million years, a 16 foot (5 meter) long dinosaur tail has been unearthed by paleontologists in Coahuila, MexicoBased on evidence, the excavation team believes that the tail could have been from a duck-billed hadrosaur, and they hope to locate more of the dinosaur’s body deeper underground. From Yahoo:

A group of locals discovered the fossil in June 2012. Paleontologists with INAH and the National Autonomous University of Mexico spent about a year surveying the area, and began their excavation on July 2… 

Aside from providing a valuable addition to the world’s limited collection of intact dinosaur fossils, the team hopes their findings will help explain the mechanics of how hadrosaur tails moved…

Finding the remains of this web-footed herbivore in such good condition is rare, and will add to the information gathered from previous discoveries. Related hadrosaur reading should include Dakota, the 67 million year old "mummified" hadrosaur that was excavated in North Dakota in 2006.

Watch more paleontology videos.

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Watch Lord Paul Drayson, former Science Minister, science entrepreneur, and owner of Drayson Racing Technologies, set a new world land speed record for lightweight electric vehicles after achieving an average of 204.185mph in a lithium-nanophosphate battery-powered car. From The Guardian

It was a demonstration of a technology that is slowly keeping its promise to revolutionise the way we travel. And for the first time in half a century, motor sport seems to be showing itself capable of making a significant contribution towards accelerating the development of that technology.

"I really think that the changes that are taking place in the car industry need to be reflected in motor sport," Drayson said shortly before setting off on his record-breaking run.

"We’re seeing this huge shift to the electric drivetrain in the mainstream industry, so motor sport has got to pioneer this technology, too. It’s got to lead on the innovations and help reset people’s expectations about what an electric car can do."

There are more vehiclesmore electricity videos, and more world records in the archives.

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