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Can Bird Poop Make Clouds?

How does bird poop potentially help to keep our climate just a wee bit cooler? In this episode of Gross Science, Anna Rothschild helps connect tens of millions of seabirds in the Arctic to 40,000 metric tons of ammoni...

Humpback whales swim under the northern lights

Off the coast of Kvaløya island in Tromsø, humpback whales swim beneath the northern lights. The brief scene was captured by Norwegian photographer Harald Albrigtsen for Norwegian public television (NRK). Cue the auro...

Much A-Doo About Poo – Gross Science

Poop! Poop for fertilizer, heat, and electricity! Around 300 cows at Jordan Dairy Farm help generate energy and a nutrient-rich digestate, thanks to a specially built barn floor that collects their manure. Nearby, an ...

The Captured Ice Moon: Voyager 2 and Neptune’s moon Triton

As NASA looks toward the New Horizons probe's July 2015 rendezvous with dwarf planet Pluto and its five known moons, they are also reviewing Voyager 2 data collected on the 1989 flyby of Neptune's moon Triton, seen he...

Cauliflower: How Does it Grow?

Five million heads of cauliflower grow every year at Lakeside Organic Gardens, a family-owned farm in Watsonville, California. These flower bunches are full of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants... and they change fro...

Brian Cox’s Favorite Wonder: Saturn’s moon Titan

Brian Cox’s Favourite Wonder from Wonders of the Solar System: Against the stunning backdrop of the glaciers of Alaska, Brian reveals his fourth Wonder. Saturn’s moon Titan is shrouded by a murky, thic...

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