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Making noodles by hand at Houston’s Uyghur Bistro

In the kitchen at Houston's Uyghur Bistro, chef Jacob Chen demonstrates two noodle-making techniques. The first sends clippings of noodle dough into (what looks to be) a broth on the stove. Chen's second handmade demo...

How Jun trained his cats to shake hands and ride a bike

Jun Yoshizuki runs a popular Japan-based cooking YouTube channel called Jun's Kitchen that's known for good food and his sous-chef cats: Haku, the orange bike riding cat, Poki, the black and white cat, and a smaller o...

How to make Chinese traditional Nanshan noodles

A staple in Chinese dishes, noodles can come in all shapes, ingredients, and styles dependent on what region of the country they're made. In Nan Shan, a village in the city of Wenzhou, China, noodle-making is a lot li...


These handcrafted meals -- penne meatballs, jaffle, ramen (above), fish & chips, and a banana split dessert -- were completely created with paper, a video series by Melbourne's yelldesign for foodies and paper crafter...

Concrete Does Not Dry Out – Minute Physics

If you've ever made pasta, you know what happens when you drop the noodles into a boiling pot: They absorb the water. Why? Pasta dries from an elastic dough as its water content evaporates. Compare this to concrete, "...

The Ring of Truth: Noodles & the principle of halving

Chef Kin Jing Mark demonstrates how to make super-thin noodles and helps introduce the principle of halving in this clip from the PBS miniseries The Ring of Truth: An Inquiry Into How We Know What We Know - Atoms (198...

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