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Non-Newtonian fluid bouncing in super slow motion (1600fps)

We've seen oobleck bouncing on a speaker before, but we've never see it in 1600fps super slow motion like this. Watch as The Slow Mo Guys color oobleck red, puddle it into an old speaker, and slow it way, way down. ...

Glowing Oobleck! How to make magic mud

Glowing oobleck! This video by Grant Thompson explains how ordinary potatoes and some tonic water can be transformed into a Magic Mud with the help of a black light. In the archives: more oob...

Can You Walk on Water? (Non-Newtonian Fluid Pool)

This commercial features a 2,100 gallon pool of the cornstarch and water mixture known as oobleck, one of our favorite non-newtonian fluids. It was filmed in Kuala Lumpur by KIX for a Malaysia...

Oobleck (non-Newtonian fluid) on a subwoofer

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid (like ketchup, custard, toothpaste, starch suspensions, paint, blood and shampoo) that is made of 1 part of water to 1.5–2 parts of corn starch, and is used to ...

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