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The geometry of folding meets fashion in this video for German designer Jule Waibel and her collection of 25 paper dresses. Folded from huge sheets of colorfully designed paper, they were displayed in the shop windows of 25 Bershka flagship stores around the world in January 2014: 25 dresses for 25 cities.

There are more photos of the project on her site.

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Have you been wanting to light up your origami? Then look no further than this fun LED Origami video tutorial by Adafruit's Becky Stern and Risa RoseThey also have step-by-step lotus flower and frog instructions.

One note on lithium cell batteries: if you have young children, you may want to explore alternative power solutions. Button-like batteries are extremely dangerous if ingested. Read more at the New York Times.

Watch more origami and paper craft videos in the archives. 

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"Origami’s really cool because it’s a sharing activity… " And share you can, because this scientist video comes with an advanced origami how-to for making a Spectacled Bear Hat (pdf). (Or you can start with something a bit easier here!)


DNews sat down with Bernie Peyton, animal origami artist and biologist, to talk about how his artistic expression intersects with his scientific study…

I’ve featured Bernie’s work in the past, it’s truly stunning stuff … endless folds most beautiful :)

Animals + origami? Yes, please! You can see more of Bernie’s work on his site, and more paper videos in the archives.