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How to draw a circle without a compass

Gather three sharpened pencils, three rubber bands, a few paper clips, some cardboard, a push pin, some string, and some paper to try these five solutions: How to draw a circle without a compass. Don't have that much ...

How to draw a floating / levitating cube

Amaze friends and family with your version of this anamorphic optical illusion: a floating/levitating cube. Though it may take some practice to get the proportions and shading right, this 3D quick trick tutorial by ar...

Everyday Objects In Macro

Take a good look at these everyday objects up close... the colors, the textures, the scratches or bits of dust and dirt. Can you guess what the objects are before the camera zooms out? This is Everyday Objects In ...

A Sketchy History Of Pencil Lead

When fifth-graders at Green Acres Elementary in Lebanon, Oregon asked the NPR Skunk Bear team how pencil lead was made, they looked into it... way into it. From the start of the universe (with a shout out to Carl Saga...

Solar and potential energy ‘swing thing’ mini machines

Made with pencils, a pen, a paper clip, rubber bands, spring clips, and a ball bearing, YouTuber rcbif spent his lunch at work creating a useless 'swing thing' invention, a concept that he saw online. (Take a close lo...

Ceruza és radír (Pencil and Eraser) by Macskássy Gyula

A wonderful animated short by Hungary’s Macskássy Gyula in 1960, Ceruza és radír (Pencil and Eraser). File under: instant favorite. Watch more videos about drawing. via @ChriSobieniak. Updated video:...

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