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Make Lissajous patterns with DIY sand pendulums or light

Sand pendulums are an easy and beautiful method for students of all ages to learn a bit about the harmonic motion. These devices are easy to build and can be adjusted to give a variety of patterns. A pendulum that beg...

Pangraph v4: Making Spirocakes (Spirograph Pancakes)

Nathan Shields has been working on making spirograph pancakes for over a month. From his workshop to his kitchen, he's done the math, designed templates, made gear teeth on a bandsaw, tried out different materials, an...

A pendulum wave demonstration with bowling balls

Thanks to these 16 bowling balls hung from a 20 foot wooden frame in the mountains of North Carolina, we can see what a large-scale pendulum wave apparatus looks (and sounds) like. Filmed by Maria Ikenberry, she also ...

The Iron Genie Harmonograph

Watch artist Anita Chowdry's Iron Genie Harmonograph create intricate, spirograph-like drawings. Made of steel, it was inspired by mid-19th century harmonographs and St. Pancras Station's Victorian engineering. The vi...

Citadel Physics: Wave Pendulum

jtotheizzoe: Get hypnotized by this wave pendulum… seriously, I can’t look away. A wave pendulum like this is built of equally weighted objects suspended by different (and carefully cal...

Eske Rex: Pendulum-Powered Drawing Machine

Eske Rex’s Pendulum-Powered Drawing Machine immediately came to mind when I first saw Robert Howsare’s Drawing Apparatus. They both play off of the old spirograph-ish connection, howeve...

Radiolab + Everynone: Parabolas (etc.)

Parabolas (etc.) from Radiolab, which has the co-curator running around looking for parabolas everywhere we go. “A video inspired by the mathematician, Steve Strogatz. At the age of t...

Pendulum waves demonstration

A Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstration of pendulum waves. A physics classic.  Thanks, imuptoolate.

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