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Why Not Now? Vivian Stancil

When Vivian Stancil was 49 years old, her doctor told her that she needed to immediately improve her health. Despite being afraid of the water—she's legally blind and had never been in a pool before—she was determined...

How do the blind cook?

Chopping veggies with a sharp knife, cooking up sauces on a hot stove, and prepping a fresh fish for the oven all with a GoPro on, American chef Christine Hà demonstrates how someone who is blind can cook complex dish...

A drone changes a light bulb

How many drones does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two. And about 9 lightbulbs. Watch this drone quadcopter change a light bulb... mostly. YouTuber Marek Baczynski and drone-pilot friend Sven attempt to switch...

Hikaru dorodango, handmade ‘shining mud dumplings’

Around 2001, Professor Fumio Kayo of the Kyoto University of Education made news by bringing the Japanese art of hikaru dorodango (どろ だんご or 'shining mud dumpling') into preschool classrooms as a play activity, t...

Hazel Scott plays Black & White on two grand pianos (1943)

Hazel Scott was not only a gifted pianist and singer -- a child musical prodigy who at only eight years old was given a scholarship from the Juilliard School of Music to be privately tutored -- she was also the first ...

The Slinky machine: A hand-cranked, wooden Slinky escalator

What if you had a never-ending stairway for a Slinky to "walk" down? How long do you think it might continue to descend? Matthias Wandel of decided to find out. This is The Slinky Machine, a specially-con...

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