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The large and surprising creatures of InsecthausTV

Adrian Kozakiewicz went from being a young insect enthusiast in Germany to a professional insect breeder with a huge following on Instagram and Facebook. His videos, like the Rainbow Stag Beetles (Phalacrognathus muel...

The Present by Jacob Frey

Immersed in his video games, this boy would rather stay indoors than engage with the world outside... until his mother brings home a small surprise. Based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala, this is The Present, an award...

A tiny baby chameleon hatches from an egg

Have you ever seen a baby chameleon hatch from its egg? We've seen all sorts of babies, but we'd yet to see a chameleon hatch. Then we happened upon this 2008 video by YouTuber rmh355, via PBS Digital Studios' Tumblr,...

“Sunflower Cat Window” – Eight cats in a time lapse sunbeam

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, keep a closer eye on your cats because they just may have an agenda that you haven't noticed before. This time lapse video by Mitsuru Yasui is an illuminating mini-epic that revea...

Derby the dog runs on his 3D printed prosthetic paws

This is Derby and these are Derby's life-changing, 3D printed prosthetic paws. Derby was born with deformed front legs and had a lot of trouble getting around outside before animal lover and 3D Systems employee Tara A...

Bodega Cats In Their Own Words – WNYC

"There are no cats quite like New York City bodega cats—if only they could talk. Well, now they can." This charming series by Amy Pearl and Jennifer Hsu chronicles the lives of New York City Bodega Cats In Their...

The Astrid Waltz (with Chouchoutte)

The Astrid Waltz, a traditional Swedish diatonic waltz played on accordion by a woman who is also named Astrid. She is accompanied by Chouchoutte, who decided to sing. In the archives: more dogs and more accordions.

Omelette by Madeline Sharafian

Featuring an overworked fella and his hard-working dog, Calarts student Madeline Sharafian celebrates the act of making food for those you love in this short animated film called Omelette. She writes, “It fe...

A Caribbean hermit crab named Godzilla

This hermit crab is named Godzilla. He has been with his owner for three years and three moultings. Based on his size, he’s probably about 20-25 years old. Hello, Coenobita clypeatus!

Dachshund Puppy vs Ghost Crab

Hello, dachshund puppy chasing a ghost crab on the beach! Madeline the dachshund and a Pawleys ghost crab were filmed on Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Watch videos about more dogs, more crabs, and more beaches. ...

A twig-like Indian Walking Stick insect eats a leaf

Tommi Vainionpaa keeps Indian Walking Sticks (Carausius Morosus) as pets. They are about 10cm long each, perhaps as long as 15cm if you include their legs. He filmed them eating, climbing and trying to hide in plain...

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