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Danny MacAskill’s Street Trials

File under practice, hard work, and helmets: Watch Scottish pro rider Danny MacAskill do some ridiculously impressive street trials riding. Related videos: Street trials and more tricks. Thanks, Jason.

An incredible trick: Selyna Bogino juggles basketballs with her feet

Italian acrobat and fifth-generation circus performer Selyna Bogino juggles five basketballs. With her feet, too. Upside down. The 21 year old is a foot juggler, and has been practicing since she was eight years old. ...

Where In The World Are You? (14000 Dominoes)

Like domino chain reactions? Then watch FlippyCat — So. Many. Videos. And above and beyond, their vids make a point of showing how things fall by accident, get cleaned up, and have to be rebuilt… again and again: ...

Storytelling from the mountainside: Jimmy Chin on assignment

Following photographer and mountain climber Jimmy Chin on assignment for National Geographic.  Related watching: More climbing and more Yosemite.

Birmingham Royal Ballet – Sleeping Beauty rehearsals

Recorded in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s studios, Ambra Vallo and Mathias Dingman rehearse a pas de deux from the company’s recent production of The Sleeping Beauty. 

How to build an igloo: A clip from A Boy Among Polar Bears

In this clip from the BBC documentary A Boy Among Polar Bears, we get to watch how the Inuit people build the snow shelter known as an igloo, or iglu in the Inuit language. ("Snow house" is igluvijaq.) These temporary...

Amazing 60,000 Dominoes

Flippycat has done it again… this time with a cascade of 60,000 dominoes (a personal record). It’s built from 60 walls of 990 dominoes each (plus a bit extra) — making a 14 foot long piece in over 8...

Pat the Roc in Let’s Go by Matt and Kim

Watch streetball player Pat the Roc (Patrick Robinson) show off some truly excellent ball handling skills in this video for Let’s Go, the first song off the album Lightning by Matt and Kim. And how ...

Artist Stephen Wiltshire draws New York City from memory

New York City is drawn from memory on a 19 foot (5.8 meter) long paper by Stephen Wiltshire, a British artist with autism. His incredible skill, drawing any city's skyline from memory after observing it from above, ta...

Japanese Juggling Festival 2012: Yanazo’s winning performance

The 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival was held in Tokyo in early October, where contact juggler Yanazo wowed the audience with his incredible balance and speed control of just one ball for half the performance. And the...

Waving Tutorial: Learn how to arm wave

Learn how to arm wave with Hip Hop dancer and choreographer Matt Steffanina. Then make it look smooth with lots of practice!

Performing at the annual windless kite flying festival & competition

Windless kite flying is an indoor sport that is celebrated in an annual windless kite festival and competition at Long Beach, Washington's World Kite Museum. The kite flies thanks to the small amount of wind created ...

Balance: Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque artist Maedir Eugster

Balance is a short film by photographer/director Tobias Hutzler that documents Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque artist Maedir Eugster’s incredible balancing act. If you saw Eugster's tensio...

30 Days of animation

A character in a moment, one created each day for 30 consecutive days, animated as an exercise of skill and imagination by UK-based animator Geoff King. He writes:  It was difficult to even...

Adrienn Banhegyi’s world record jump rope skills

Watch Cirque de Soleil performer Adrienn Banhegyi demonstrate the skills that have earned her two world records and a few World and European Jump Rope championships. via Laughing Squid. ...

Bodypercussion music videos

Bodypercussion, choreographed and performed by Santi Serratosa and Mariona Castells, to the song Not Worthy by Jack Savoretti. A fun DIY, we were able to mimic a few sections of the choreography ourselves. I...

2013 Japan National Yo-Yo Champion Akitoshi Tokubuchi

Akitoshi Tokubuchi is the 2013 Japan National Yo-Yo Champion and his winning routine makes it clear as to why. YoyoRecreation’s Akitoshi Tokubuchi, who was the first runner-up last year, st...

Pianist Yuja Wang plays Flight of the Bumblebee

Pianist Yuja Wang plays Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. Yuja has been practicing piano since she was six years old. There are more pianos in the archives.

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