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This planet of robots have found harmony and great appreciation for the beauty and magnificence of their existence. This is Planet Four from Andy Martin’s Illustrated Aliens project. You can find the videos all here on Vimeo or at

We’d like to see what happens on your planets. What do your aliens or robots or animals look like and what do they do? Tweet the drawings to us to let us know!

Animation Director Andy Martin has been creating an alien a day at his Tumblr, Illustrated Aliens, and then uses those illustrations to help compose a monthly animated short about what their planet is like. Above, his January 2013 planet, Planet One, where the musical inhabitants get together and get a bit more than they bargained for. 

You can find them all here on Vimeo or at

There are a few more creatures in the archives. Or you can make up your own… what happens on your planets and what do your aliens look like? We’d like to see… Tweet your drawings to us.