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Step into a summer igloo (in 360°) as it’s being built

Though they're made from blocks of compacted snow, igluit (igloos) keep their residents well-sheltered by insulating from the cold and wind outside. In this 360° video from The New York Times, Adami Sakiagak and Tiisi...

The autumal patchwork of Quebec’s forest colors

Walk among the autumnal trees, and fly high above them by drone, in this video from traveling filmmakers Un Cercle. The footage was taken in Quebec, Canada's Parc Régional Des Sept Chutes, around 130km (80 miles) nort...

Travel from Quebec to the moon with a zoom lens

Connect the view that we see with our eyes at dusk to the photos that we might see taken with a powerful zoom lens. Daniel Pelletier begins this video in a parking lot in Quebec, Canada and then travels all the way to...

Four-year-old Léa’s first aerobatic flight with her pilot father

Somewhere over Lachute, Quebec, this little girl giggled through loops and rolls on her first aerobatic stunt flight with her French-Canadian pilot dad Raphael Langumier, who wrote: My 4 years old daughter, Léa, c...

The Rink – National Film Board of Canada

From the National Film Board of Canada, this is Quebec director Gilles Carle’s The Rink. Details we noticed on this idyllic Sunday in 1962: everyone’s warm breath in the cold air...

Control, No Control at Igloofest 2012

Control, No Control, an interactive light installation created by Iregular and shown at Igloofest 2012, an outdoor electronic music festival in Montréal during wintertime. Brrrr. There are more art installation vid...

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