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48 seconds with icicles in the rain

Spending 48 seconds with some icicles in the rain. 

An incoming storm delivers a world full of color

An incoming rainstorm brings a rainbow of sound and color to a little girl's world. Nieta, which means "granddaughter" in Spanish, is an award-winning animated short by Argentine filmmaker Nicolás P. Villarreal.

Atlanterhavsveien (The Atlantic Ocean Road) in Norway

If you happen to find yourself driving in Norway, be sure to drive along the Atlanterhavsveien or The Atlantic Ocean Road, located here. This 5.2 mile road was built in the 1980s to connect a s...

Barrel Tiled Shed & Tiled Roof Hut – Primitive Technology

How do you create a fire and rain proof work shed when you only have what's available to you in an Australian forest? Primitive Technology takes on the challenge in this Barrel Tiled Shed video. Some details from his ...

Building a ‘bed shed’ sleeping shelter – Primitive Technology

Bundles of long dry grasses thatch the roof of this elevated sleeping shelter. The bed itself is woven from lawyer cane and covered with a woven bark mat. It's all held up with wooden posts tied with vines. Primitiv...

Clever Japanese Farmer: Keeping crows out of the vegetable patch

Now this is an environmentally-friendly and resourceful improvement on a scarecrow! It seems that, without the use of harmful chemicals, this Japanese farmer came up with a simple system to keep local crows from eatin...

Dancing Paper, 8bit Harmonica, and Musical Umbrella by Ugoita

The next time we start folding origami cranes, we're going to be tempted to give them legs and little magnetic feet. This is Dancing Paper, a project by multimedia artist Ugoita. Watch as the cranes dance with synchro...

Demolishing an old hut to plant cassava and yams

Cassava are tuberous roots from a shrub. Yams are edible bulbs that grow both above and below the ground. They're both staple foods (despite the cassava containing some cyanide), and at Primitive Technology's 10 year ...

Didn’t It Rain: Sister Rosetta Tharpe Live in Manchester (1964)

Playing her electric guitar under the eaves of an abandoned train station in rainy Manchester, England, Sister Rosetta Tharpe performed Didn't It Rain. An American singer, songwriter, and The Godmother of Rock & R...

Friends With You – Cloudy

Cloudy is a happy animated short by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of Friends With You. Welcome to the clouds!  From IAmOther: This animated short is an exploration into the clouds; a sweet, vi...

Gene Kelly: Singin’ in the Rain

A clip of Gene Kelly from Singin’ in the Rain. Classics 101. Watch related videos: Donald O’Connor performs Make ‘Em Laugh and Singin’ in the Rain (without singing). We also recommend...Singin' in t...

Little Boat by Nelson Boles

Little Boat by Nelson Boles. The kiddo was pretty entranced with this little boat’s journey, and we both loved the ending… via Vimeo.

Mother (어머니) – Studio Kokorosh

From Studio Kokorosh, a third year team from Ontario's Sheridan College Animation program, this is Mother (어머니), an award-winning short about feeling overwhelmed by our emotions, being aware of how we can help othe...

Mr. Special by Maggie Rogers

Mr. Special stands in the rain in this short by Maggie Rogers, Creative Director at Fred and Eric.

My Mum is an Airplane

Oh, the adventures that you'll have flying through the sky — across all kinds of cities, through storms, over mountains, delivering mail and dropping off skiers — all of those things can happen when your m...

Omelette by Madeline Sharafian

Featuring an overworked fella and his hard-working dog, Calarts student Madeline Sharafian celebrates the act of making food for those you love in this short animated film called Omelette. She writes, “It fe...

One Minute Vacation – One second per day for 2 months

This video by Kevin Kelly demonstrates how much texture, detail and feeling you can communicate with very little. From Kevin:  I took a one-second clip each day on a two-month trip in Asia during April &...

Paint Showers: A stop-motion thunderstorm of paint

Paint Showers by Miguel Jiron.

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