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We love Rube Goldberg machines, and have posted about these short films from Japan’s NHK educational TV show, Pitagora Suitchi (PythagoraSwitch) before, so it’s no surprise that this 20 minute video collection of their Pitagora devices had the kids completely thrilled and mesmerized. The kinetic chain reactions were designed by a team from Keio University’s Masahiko Sato Laboratory. Watch them online while you can!

Related great fun: Joseph Herscher’s The Page Turner.

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Even if you’ve seen This Too Shall Pass, the 2010 instant classic from inventive band Ok Go, it’s a great video to watch again (and again).

With the help of SyynLabs, director James Frost, and the support of almost 60 people (from core builders to people helping to reset machines) OK Go put together a massive Rube Goldberg setup that includes bowling balls, barrels, sledgehammers, umbrellas, legos, a car, an unfortunate piano, and paint cannons.

This Too Shall Pass also has an “official” video:

And of course, it’s fun to watch these related OK Go viral hits again, too: their breakout single Here It Goes Again, and Three Primary Colors for Sesame Street.

More Rube Goldberg machines are in the archives.

Toast slices as dominoes? Yes, please. This domino-driven Rube Goldberg-esque video may not be all in one shot — and maybe some of it is helped with some digital post-production? I’m looking at you, parachutes — but the use of a fan with feathers, a flip-book style animation, an underwater shot, and a few Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bombs all throughout a huge house sets this one apart.

A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s Tuna Melt, directed by Ryan Staake. There’s also a behind the scenes vid.

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More Rube Goldberg and chain reaction videos await in the archives.