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OK Go: This Too Shall Pass (2010)

Even if you’ve seen This Too Shall Pass, the 2010 instant classic from inventive band Ok Go, it’s a great video to watch again (and again). With the help of SyynLabs, director James Frost, and the suppor...

A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s Tuna Melt

Toast slices as dominoes? Yes, please. This domino-driven Rube Goldberg-esque video may not be all in one shot — and maybe some of it is helped with some digital post-production? I’m looking at you, parach...

Paul Grundbacher’s wooden marble machines

We love Rube Goldberg machines, marble roller coasters, and all kinds of wooden inventions that are fun to watch or are lovely to listen to.  These seven amazing marble machines by Paul Grundbacher fit perfectly int...

Sketchbook Machines by Maarten Koopman

Sketchbook Machines, all very Rube Goldberg in nature, animated by filmmaker Maarten Koopman, featured previously. Related videos include machines and Rube Goldberg machines.

The LEGO Great Ball Contraption: 17 different modules of incredible

This LEGO machine, or LEGO Great Ball Contraption, is 17 different modules of incredible. Transporting 500 mini soccer and basketballs over 101.7 feet (31 meters), this hypnotic project was created in two years from ...

Baltic Birch gear and marbles machine

From the youtube account of Ronald Walters, an annotated video of a “marble machine" in the style of Rube Goldberg:  This is intended to be an awkward, overly complicated mechanism for the sole purpose of ent...

Melvin the Traveling Mini Machine

Melvin the Traveling Mini Machine is two suitcases filled with a wonderfully detailed Rube Goldberg Machine, all to put a stamp on a postcard.  Besides doing what Rube Goldbergs do best – performing a simple ...

Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

My kid loved watching this kid and his Rube Goldberg monster trap machine. Audri is seven years old and has been making Rube Goldberg machines since he was five. He’s inspired by 

Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch) – Marble chain reaction

After watching NYT’s Brooklyn’s Rube Goldberg video, we went googling for Japanese versions and happened upon a bunch short films for the educational TV show, Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch).  Updat...

The Page Turner – Joseph Herscher

Joseph Herscher takes a sip of his coffee, pulling string thereby tipping paintings. Balls roll down paintings, lighting burner to boil water causing books to tip. Vase and computer get knocked off the table, relea...

A Mouth, Arm, and Eye, Rube Goldberg-style – Kuratorium

Commissioned by Kuratorium Aargau (who, I believe, provide grants for work in the visual arts) and directed by Crictor/Rafael Sommerhalder, these three cause-and-effect mini-productions are great little anticipation b...

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