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The differences between a living and a dead sand dollar

How can you tell if a sand dollar is dead or alive? Sand dollars are flat sea urchins that burrow into the soft sand. When alive, their undersides are full of "velvet-textured spines" covered with cilia, a latin word ...

When Your Job Is Saving The Ocean | How She Works

On her dive days as a marine biologist for The Bay Foundation, Ariadne Reynolds is usually scuba diving in the Santa Monica Bay for three 1-1.5 hour stretches as she observes urchins and kelp growth, and measures ever...

Under The Dock, a marine life series by Hakai Institute

Described as a fearsome predator on the British Columbia coast, sunflower sea stars "can grow to a diameter of one meter, and have a voracious appetite for all sorts of animals on the rocky reef." From Hakai Institute...

The weird world of the sea urchin

Dive down into the world of sea urchins in this 2010 Earth Touch video, from needle urchins, to oval urchins, to banded urchins, to short-spined urchins. In the archives: more marine life and more Earth Touch videos...

How Life Begins in the Deep Ocean – TED Ed

From the team that brought us The Secret Life of Plankton and The Plankton Chronicles comes this wonderful TEDEd video from their amazing microscopic footage, re-created to explain How Life Begins in the Deep Ocean: ...

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