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FlightLapse #01 – MilkyWay, a time lapse view from the cockpit

On a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Sao Paulo, Brazil, airline pilot and film producer Sales Wick captured a stunning flight time lapse view from the cockpit of a Boeing 777. FlightLapse #01 - MilkyWay begins over...

How to Observe a Meteor Shower – Cal Academy

Get some blankets, find a dark hill on a dark night, make sure you've napped, and put away that smartphone. The California Academy of Sciences has some excellent tips for seeing shooting stars, more accurately known a...

What is a Shooting Star? – They Might Be Giants

One of the kiddo’s favorite songs from They Might Be Giants’ Here Comes Science — after , of course — here comes What is a Shooting Star? (Hint: A shooting star is not a star, it&#...

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