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Above, filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker's Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color: San Diego Study #3. But wait… here’s the real video of this freeway. So what’s going on here, and how did he do it? Via The Creator’s Project

Using a system called chroma key (that acts in several ways like a green screen) Kuckenbaker was able to remove, re-insert, and layer both backgrounds and objects—giving the appearance of remarkable mass action happening in a short time frame. Through this method, he was able to isolate car patterns and condense their cycles—turning what would otherwise be dry transportation data into a moving, visual representation of life in San Diego.

You may have also seen Kuckenbaker’s viral airplanes, Landings at San Diego Int Airport Nov 23, 2012, below: 

In the archive: more vehicles and more swarms.

What would the moon look like if it was at the same distance from Earth as the International Space Station? (That’s 240-ish miles above our planet instead of its usual 238,900 miles away.)

While the physics would make this rather undesirable — likely breaking the moon into Saturn-like rings and generally messing with Earth’s liquids, atmosphere, etc, — it would look pretty amazing if it was possible. Amateur astronomer Yetipc1 imagines it would look something like this slightly sped-up simulation, though the moon breaking apart and forming rings around Earth would also be pretty cool.

Related watching: Veritasium’s How Far Away is the Moon? and Yetipc1’s what if the moon were replaced with some of our planets?

via io9.