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Ridiculous Tricks You Can Do With a Slinky

They walk downstairs alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound... but there's a lot more you can do with a slinky, the famous helical spring invented in the 1940s. In this video featuring 黃正懷, Kuma Films capture...

Bending sliced wood like a slinky

Inspired by the work of furniture designer Seth Rolland, hobbyist woodworker Peter Brown of Shop Time decided to try and bend a block of wood like a slinky by slicing it into a thin zig zag pattern. He wrote: For ...

Rock Swing Cup & more DIY playground physics

Next time you're on the swings, think about what it might be like if you were swinging on the moon, free from air resistance. AP Physics teacher Jared Keester had that in mind during this experiment: Swing jumping wit...

The Slinky machine: A hand-cranked, wooden Slinky escalator

What if you had a never-ending stairway for a Slinky to "walk" down? How long do you think it might continue to descend? Matthias Wandel of decided to find out. This is The Slinky Machine, a specially-con...

Slow Mo Guys: How a Slinky falls in slow motion

How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released? We’ve watched this before, but perhaps not in the smoothest of smooth slow motion (ie. 1600fps with a Phantom Flex camera) that YouTube&...

The Slinky Drop in slow motion – Veritasium

Slinky Drop in Slow Motion! How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released? We were surprised by the answer — and especially by what the answer looks like. Veritasium's Derek Muller mee...

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