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These wasps are trying to cool their overheated nest. One brings a droplet of water to assist. Alan Teitel captures it at 4,700 frames per second. A moment of appreciation for nature and a moment of appreciation of technology at the same time: this is 0.8 seconds of real time stretched out into 2m15 seconds of slow motion.

Slow motion insects in the archives: ladybugs unfolding their wings here and here, Dance of the Honey Bee, and The Hidden Beauty of Pollination.

via Laughing Squid.

With a soundtrack by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, artist James Nares’ STREET is an experiment in people watching with the benefit of slow motion. From the New York Times

Mr. Nares’s 61-minute video sits in a curious place, somewhere between still and moving images. It has the uncanny look of a 3-D slide show or some hybrid of photography and film; it also calls to mind the stereographic viewers that were popular in the 19th century. Shown in slow motion, the people Mr. Nares filmed on the streets of Manhattan look like cutouts placed into deep pockets of space.

Of the project (clip shown above), Nares said, “I wanted the film to be about people. All it needed were magical moments, and there are enough of those happening every moment of any given day.”

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