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Something every Mars Rover might need in the future: Snake robots that wiggle and roll to propel themselves around on passive wheels, gathering visual information with a camera along the way. This snake-bot is called Wheeko, and it’s designed to get into inaccessible spaces — tight spots between rocks or under ledges, or on more sandy terrain — that your average mini-truck-sized rover might have a hard time with.

Wheeko is being developed by teams at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, as a part of a European Space Agency-assigned study.

There are more robot videos in the archives, including Japan’s Kirobo companionthis sand-runner, and this jumping sand flea, one of our favorites.

Also: the design and movement of slithering snakes.

via 8bitfuture.

(via 8bitfuture)

From Science Nation, mathematician and mechanical engineer David Hu studies the design and movement of slithering snakes:

Snakes certainly make it look easy when they slither forward, leaving perfect S-curve tracks behind them, but scientists have long been puzzled by the mechanics of their locomotion. Now, after a series of experiments and some computer modeling, David Hu has cracked the case. With funding from the National Science Foundation, he is using math to determine how snakes slither and it turns out they move in a very different way than scientists have long thought.