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The scientist that grows ‘identical twin snowflakes’

Snow crystals form when humid air is cooled to the point that molecules of water vapor start sticking to each other. In the clouds, crystals usually start forming around a tiny microscopic dust particle, but if the wa...

Go on a Snowflake Safari

The next time you're going out in the snow, take a magnifying glass with you and see if you can find an elusive 12-sided snowflake... and if you don't happen to see that one, take note of the ones you do find. Is it n...

How to grow snowflakes in a bottle – Science Friday

If there's no snow outside, try growing your own snowflakes. From Science Friday's collection of Holiday Science features and experiments, learn how to grow snowflakes in a bottle. Caltech physicist, snowflake expert,...

The Birth of a Snowflake (A snowflake melts in reverse)

What if puddles turned into snowflakes? If they did, it might look something like this: YouTuber Armand9x filmed this snowflake melting and then ran it backwards to create The Birth of a Snowflake, a short but sweet 2...

Watch snowflakes form in time lapse through a microscope

The time lapse formation of snowflakes, recorded with a macro lens by Vyacheslav Ivanov. Music: Aphex Twin - Avril 14th. Via Colossal: "Ivanov confirms from his home in St. Petersburg that th...

Snow Facts Cheat Sheet: How is snow made?

How is snow made? What temperatures make different kinds of snow? And can two snowflakes look exactly alike? The Science Channel has a quick Snow Facts Cheat Sheet video for questions just like this. There are more ...

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