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COS & Snarkitecture’s Loop, a 400 meter marble run in Seoul

A follow up to their 2014 interactive marble run installation and their viral ball pit installation The Beach, New York-based art and architecture team Snarkitecture has partnered with fashion brand COS to create 400 ...

Road painters painting road markings by hand

The painted lines and symbols on streets, in parking lots, and along our city and country roads are created with a variety of mobile machines, vehicles, and hand-painting techniques. In a parking spot in Sokcho, South...

Accumulation, a glimmering LED light tunnel installation

A sculpture of sliced squares forms a glimmering tunnel of LEDs at the main gate South Korea's Le Méridien Seoul. Created by new media artist Yang Minha, the installation showcases six light pattern sequences with vis...

A human-powered aircraft competition in Korea

How would you design a human-powered aircraft? Watch these teams compete to keep their pedal-powered vehicles aloft in an annual, crash-filled contest held at South Korea's Goheung Airlines Center. This 2013 video was...

Andy Knowlton’s Drunken Poets

Andy Knowlton finds reusable materials on the streets of Seoul, Korea, makes little dolls with the pieces, and then puts the dolls back out on the streets with a poem that he’s writte...

Building the World’s Largest Ship (in 76 seconds)

Maersk’s Triple-E is a new class of fuel-efficient container ships, designed for lower speeds and CO2 emissions. The 400-meter long ships break the record in container ship capacity and are expected to be the...

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